Papi Spray Mop 45cm Complete



Papi Spray Mop 45cm Complete – Microfiber by Cleantools


QuickMop is a series of bucketless mopping system that includes two types of mops – the PAPI and the MMS. It can then be utilized with QuickSwab – a diverse range of microfibre cleaning pads for thorough cleaning.

QuickMop is a fully integrated system that promotes fast and efficient cleaning while eliminating the need for a bucket or wringer. It brings both convenience and efficacy to the users. QuickMop is specially designed to sustain robust uses and it caters to professional industrial use in areas, where routine cleaning is required. In addition, it has also been designed for use in hospitals and clinics where quick response, effective and targeted cleaning are essentials for a clean and hygienic environment. Please refer to the link below for the video.