Polisher Low Speed 17″ CLEANTOOLS Testa HD


Polisher Low Speed 17″ CLEANTOOLS Testa HD


It’s unique design, together with its functionality and robustness makes our 175 single disc scrubber machine as a preferred machine for your cleaning needs.

Suitable for varied function, from scrubbing to polishing. Testa 175 HDis a scrubber with ergonomics and safety design.

Can be used for various cleaning tasks such as dessp cleaning, stripping, polishing and shampooing.

Machines made with fire retarded materials and easy handling when in operation.

Technical Specification :  FP-045
Power : 1100 W
Voltage : 220 ~240 V
Speed : 175 rpm
Cable : 12 m
Base Plate Diameter : 17”
Weight : 50 kg
Accessories : Main body, handle, water tank, pad holder, shampooing brush, scrubbing brush